Sports Plus+ CMS

The CMS for sports clubs and events

Sports Plus+ CMS is a modern and state-of-the-art sports CMS. It gives you the solution to display real-time data in a friendly way on your website, organize sports, teams and players by seasons and minisites, and much more.

Sports Plus+ CMS is SaaS, so it’s ready to use. These are some of the features that includes:

  • Work everywhere: It is a multi-platform solution and compatible with mobile devices. No need to install software.
  • Website always available.
  • High scalable, elastic, available and secure platform.
  • Organize the contents in user-defined seasons.
  • Create all the pages, minisites and menus you need. Fits the structure you have in mind, and you can manage the site layout, styles and headers without HTML skills.
  • Sports Plus+ CMS widgets are editable to automatically or manually (again, your choice) choose which contents you want to display
  • Add to each section or minisite their own sponsors.
  • Manage sports, teams and players information easily and display them with special Team Widget
  • Add Social media widgets for each team member in his profile
  • All contents, minisites, pages and categories are translatable.
  • Powerful media library.
  • Relate contents between them easily, searching by name and season.
  • Social media content sharing.
  • Create users and define which roles and permissions they should have
  • SaaS: We offer it as Software as a Service, which means that the release time of a new website is minimum.


Have a look at the following sample widgets.

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Schedule Widget