testware application

testware is an exam preparation software for ECDL/ICDL exams. All preparation material is based on ECDL/ICDL standards and is available in multiple languages (English, Greek, Russian). testware delivers unlimited mock tests to students. testware is designed for training centres and educational institutions. testware is being installed to the computer lab of the training center. Students can use the computer which testware is installed to take unlimited mock tests at any time. testware is reliable, robust and easy to use.

Application is installed to any Windows based computer. The application is installed to over 40000 computers.

An award winning software.


Satellite Internet gateway


The software is a complete solution for management and optimization of data in broadband networks. The service includes a web interface for remote and onboard management.

The main features of the service is the creation of multiple accounts for crew in IP services (internet, email, etc.) and B2B usage from the vessel, data compression and cachingremote and onboard management via a user friendly web interface and one rate plan for business and crew.

Website: www.testware.eu

Tools: Microsoft VB.NET 2010

Tools: Ubuntu 12.04, Yii Framework, Native shell development, C++, SOAP Services, MySQL


TWES - testware Examination System

Our clients ECDL Cyprus, ECDL Russia and KeyCERT Greece are offering exams for canidates for various modules. Our examination platform is adopted and used by these clients with over a 60000+ exams per year (keep growing).



BEBRAS Cyprus Contest 2013

Competition for the Promotion of Informatics, THE PROMOTION OF ANALYTICAL, CRITICAL AND ALGORITHMIC THINKING AND SKILLS, and Computer Fluency AMONG STUDENT. Competition is held by Ministry of Education and Culture Cyprus and Cyprus Computer Society.

Also the following the contest have been completed.

  • ECDL Cyprus Contest 2012
  • ECDL Cyprus Contest 2011

Tools: Microsoft VB.NET 2010, MVC.NET, Yii Framework, MIcrosoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft SQL Server 2008


Websites: http://www.bebras.org.cy/en

Tools:Yii Framework, MySQL, Silverlight, Microsoft VB.NET 2010


Ernst & Young Candidate Evaluation System

Ernst & Young reqruits personel and evaluates the candidates through our sophisticated exam evaluation system.

  English Online Tests

English Online Tests offers a comprehensive range of online exam preparation for teachers and learners for all Cambridge English exams. Tests for: Cambridge (YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CPE) and Michigan (ECCE, ECPE).

All educational material is built and provided by Seventron Limited.

Website: http://ey.testware.eu

Tools: Yii Framework, MySQL


Website: www.englishonlinetests.com

Tools: Yii Framework, MySQL



test4asep offers a range of online exam preparation for candidates for Greek government public services recruitment.

All educational material is built and provided by Seventron Limited.



ComputerSchool.gr features Microsoft Office 2007 (Greek version) lessons. Also includes integration with testware examination system.

The e-learning content has been developed by Seventron.

Website: http://www.test4asep.gr

Tools: Yii Framework, MySQL


Website: http://www.computerschool.gr

Tools: Moodle, Microsoft VB.NET 2010, Camtasia Content Creator SCORM


Sports Plus+ CMS

Our Sports Plus+ CMS support multiple leagues, cups, teams, scoresheet and more. Supports 11-a-side, 7-a-side, waterpolo and more.

Following some recently added leagues:

 The Sports Plus+ CMS is offered as a service (SaaS).


Moodle and Joomla web sites

Our company is creating standard moodle and joomla web sites. 

Tools: Yii Framework, MySQL