testware Examination System - TWES

A professional examination system for companies delivering various tests. You can either purchase the complete ready-made system or you can purchase libraries (.net DLLs) and tools to build your own unique system in a few days!

testware Application

A professional preparation software for major certifications (ECDL etc). Available to English, Russian and Greek language. Visit our web site at

testware Builder

A professional tool for building questions both InATES (questions using Microsoft Office) and SIMATES (questions based on multiple options etc). By using this tool, anyone with basic knowledge of MS-Office can build professional questions in minutes. Purchase this tool to build any simply/sophisticated/complex questions. 

Contest Systems

The Contest Systems platform is used for contests held by organizations usually in an annual basis.

Sports Plus+ CMS

The Sports Plus+ CMS used by Football Clubs Associations. The platform fully supports all the variations of each association. Supports league, cup, friendlies, custom tournaments, play-offs and more. The Sports Plus+ CMS manages top scorers, MVPs, red/yellow cards, starting line-up, substitutes and more.